Work for us

Why work for us?

We at Arcus believe that every individual has infinite potential and we as a team identify, chisel, and unleash for a greater good. We recognize that to produce high-quality research that informs innovative, practical policy recommendations, we need to ensure that our people represent a diversity of thought, experience, and personal background. Such diversity within the team enhances the significance and essence of our work and helps us adhere more closely to our guiding principles of objectivity, integrity, and impact.

We believe that challenges are better solved when we collaborate and are focused together to create everlasting impact. That is why we are always in constant search to create a diverse community of problem solvers with a research mindset that encourages everyone at Arcus.


What do we offer?

It is our constant endeavour to build a place where everyone feels valued Where unique skills are developed and put to work in exciting ways, superpowered by focus on research and solving problems at the highest level for the greater good.

At Arcus one would get to –

  • Work with clients ranging from governments, multilaterals, think tanks, NGOsWe solve problems for an extensive range of institutions. Working with such a diverse group allows us to gain a 360-degree view and adopt best practices to gain specific knowledge. This creates a positive feedback loop and would be helpful for long-term career growth.
  • Nuanced understanding of how the development sector functions –The leadership team has been working in the development sector space since long, while working at Arcus, one would get the opportunity to gain in depth experience about the various aspects of the industry and how it functions.
  • Experience of collaborating with researchers and policymakers allowing for a steep learning curve – Arcus has a dynamic work environment, and everyone is eager to learn. This culture of learning flowing from the leadership team combined with individual motivations to grow will allow for a steep learning curve for the selected candidates. Exploring opportunities for co-authored publications, conference presentations and travel –We are always trying to disseminate our research to the masses. Be it through newspaper articles or research papers in renowned journals, we are always looking for opportunities to publish. The selected candidate would be fairly rewarded with publications as soon as the opportunity arises.
  • Understanding and initiating policy dialoguesWe believe that with the right understanding of complex topics that are of high social importance, we can help shape the narrative to drive policy actions in both the short and long term. In this regard, the selected candidate would get the opportunity to build and present knowledge pieces to both the team at Arcus and potential clients.
  • Work with a high degree of ownership and coordination – We believe that communication is the key to fast and quality outputs. The selected candidate would get a taste of workstyles that allow for a high degree of ownership in terms of time management and output planning while maintaining close coordination with the team to deliver outputs.



Arcus looks for talented people to join hands and be part of the team throughout the year. . The HR and relevant team members will review your online application. They will assess your skills, your research output and experience to determine your match to the key selection criteria. The team member from HR would contact you once they have received your screened application for further process.

Online or face to face connect is conducted as soon as possible depending on the candidate screening and availability. For some roles we may require you to complete either psychometric, skills-based tests or research-based assignments depending on the role. We would have three to four rounds of interviews, panel interviews to understand you and your fitment at Arcus.

Following the interview process if we progress to the final stage of an employment offer, pre-employment checks are conducted. These may include employment references from previous employers and colleagues.


Who we need?

We want partners and collaborators with research mindset, who are focused on creating impact, are ready to lead by example and can empathise and collaborate to make team members walk together to achieving their better selves. An out of the box thinker and someone who is creative enough to have the ability to think through based on the long-term horizon.

In case this interests you, share your updated profile and your video introduction with why you would like to collaborate with us and send it to . The videos can be in mp3, mp4, etc (to be cleaned and filled) format.


Current Openings

Explore the opportunities at Arcus on its social media channels. You will find detailed information about current requirements at Arcus in the job descriptions. Simply click and apply online.

Job ID: APR_A_1
Position title: Analyst
Job type: Contractual
Contract duration: 2 years (with scope for extension)
Start date: Immediate
Location: New Delhi (with travel on need-basis) read more…

Job ID: APR_DA_1
Position title: Data Analyst
Job type: Contractual
Contract duration: 2 years (with scope for extension)
Start Date: Immediate
Location: New Delhi (with travel on need basis) read more…