About Us

About Arcus

Arcus Policy Research Private Limited aims to provide high quality research support to, Multilateral Institutions, think tanks, NGOs, Statutory Organisations and the Union and State Governments. The objective is to support policy decisions swiftly based on data-backed evidences.

The company focuses on policy design, evaluation of programmes under implementation. It will provide consultancy services in various sectors of the Indian Economy, with a special focus on agriculture and allied sectors which have a vast impact on the rural economy.

In their previous assignments, the promoters of Arcus have been involved in designing and implementation of policies at the highest level. They have delivered high quality research support to governments, multilateral agencies, think tanks and related organizations.



We believe that the problems of the world can be solved by sustainable policies which would go on making a positive impact on lives in the present and generations to come We are committed to independent, in-depth research that leads to pragmatic and innovative ideas on how to solve problems facing society. At Arcus we exist by using knowledge, learning and experience to better policies and lives, today and tomorrow.

We pursue our mission through knowledge, analysis, dialogue, ideas, and by empowering right decision making to build a better world.



Arcus envisions a world in which everyone can have access to productive lives, irrespective of who they are or where they live. We believe in the commitment to sustainable development arrived through using knowledge, learning and experience to create better sustainable policies.

Arcus wants to be a responsible, credible and a goodwill partner for our clients and stakeholders by enabling them to take steps in right direction based on independent and in- depth research.



Arcus Saṃskṛti

We at Arcus take pride in our saṃskṛti which forms the foundation of our philosophy for impact. From the way our team works together to the way we develop our solutions to the problems faced by the world at large, these values underpin everything we do.

  • Act with Integrity – We strive to benefit public at large through independent research, consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, and morals. At Arcus, we stand for what is right.
  • Impact Focus – We aspire to be effective through teamwork with our right action backed with best intentions.
  • Objectivity – We believe that high-quality research represents objectivity. We aspire to be objective through diversity of thinking, knowledge, and personal backgrounds.
  • Empathy – We believe in the infinite human potential and that we exist to identify and unleash that potential for the greater good.
  • Collaboration – We aspire to synergise and strive to be the better version of ourselves in life and at work.

Our Directors

The Directors of Arcus have been involved in designing and implementing policies of high quality research support to Union and State Governments, multilateral agencies like the World Bank and OECD and Universities in their past assignments.